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Topic: [SOLVED] 2D markers causing lags on some devices

Hi there,
I'm a bit confused since my problem is quite illogical and I haven't found a similar topic in this forum yet.
I added a 2D marker on my map (which is a tileset displayed on a canvas, following your tutorial) and in the Unity Editor, I can see the marker fine.
On a OnePlus and a brandnew Samsung S23 smartphone, my colleague sees the marker as well and can move the map around, everything fine.

However, I have tested on two other devices (an old Xiaomi and a Samsung S21) and there I can NEVER get the marker insight. Once I try panning to the marker's location, the map freezes and then, after a short delay, "jumps over" the marker's location so that it is never in view. It feels like I can basically move the map around a "blind spot" that is the marker's location and every time I try to access this blind spot, the map skips it.

Once I disable the marker, I can of course freely move the map around on all my devices, so the issue definitely comes from something related to the marker.

Just wanted to ask if anyone has ever come across something similar before I start debugging super thoroughly. Weird performance issues or some setting missing? I'm so confused.

Thanks in advance.

Re: [SOLVED] 2D markers causing lags on some devices


Try the following:
1. Find in Project window the texture that is used for the marker.
2. Right-click on it and select Show In Explorer.
3. Make a copy of the texture file with a new name.
4. If Unity Editor does not show the new texture, select Assets / Refresh.
5. Specify the new texture in Marker Manager instead of the old one.

I know this may sound like a waste of time.
But Unity Editor sometimes has some problems with the default marker texture, and doesn't include it in the build.
It can have any reference in the scene, like being added to the UI, but Unity will still ignore it.
I'm working on figuring out why this happens and how to fix it.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: [SOLVED] 2D markers causing lags on some devices

You're a lifesaver!!! I actually tried that before (or so I thought) - I exchanged the default icon with another icon from the package and that didn't make any difference. That's why I didn't waste any more thoughts on that idea...
But with you mentioning this, I now used a completely new icon and not one from the plugin and that instantly made the difference! Thank you so much, I would have spent way too much time on that one roll