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I want to highlight certain countries on the map based on a set marker. I'm thinking of doing this via a layer overlay on the map, but I don't understand how I can define the borders. Maybe someone has already encountered this problem, or there are already examples of similar implementations.
On the screenshot is the realization I want to achieve.

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Re: Country borders


I would probably solve this task this way:
1. In Mapbox Studio, create a style with only borders (and fills if needed).
2. Download all raster tiles for zoom to get a global map of the borders of the required resolution.
Zoom 3 - 2048x2048, 4 - 4096x4096, 5 - 8192x8192.
3. Combine them with a script to get a single image.
4. In a graphic editor, cut the borders of the required countries into separate images.
5. Use them as an overlay in one of these ways: … 6419#p6419

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