Topic: Tileset Map Is Upside Down In Scene


I noticed that the tileset map is flipped upside down at runtime. Is there a setting to change this to not be upside down? I'm asking mainly because I have a few scripts that work with unity world space coordinates and assume that a growing x/z-value is moving right/up on the map. With the flipped map however this is no longer working (I migrated from the mapbox unity-plugin to this asset).



Re: Tileset Map Is Upside Down In Scene


Tileset has the same orientation as if you set the texture to plane.
If you want to rotate the map just use Transform / Rotation / Y.

What are these scripts you mention?
Most likely, your scripts are easy to fix so that they work correctly for Tileset.

Re: Tileset Map Is Upside Down In Scene

Thanks. The 180° degree rotation around the Y-axis did the trick. The scripts I was referring to are written by myself. I'm drawing a regular grid on top of the map with discovered and undiscovered cells. A fog of war with square grid cells basically.