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Topic: Google Maps SDK for Android

Hi there,
if I understand correctly Google maps tiles is used when you select "Google Maps" as the provider. (And want to only display simple maps with markers).
Are there any plans to add the possibility to use Google Maps SDK for android?
The big advantage is that it's free to use and it can also be styled.
Is there a reason why it's not included?

Do you maybe know if there are other free map providers where I can easily style the map?

I looked a bit around the google developers website and found this for tiles:
"The Tile API is available only to select partners, and is not included with the Google Maps Core Services."
So I'd like to know which google api does your plugin currently use when I select Google Maps as Provider?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Google Maps SDK for Android


Add the use of any SDK is simply impossible.
There is a Google Maps SDK for Unity, and you will be (un)pleasantly surprised at the price:
https://forum.infinity-code.com/viewtop … 4386#p4386

Map styling is supported only by Google Maps and Mapbox.
Mapbox has more styling options, very good quality tiles and a unique pricing policy when you pay for unique users per month (up to 20,000 for free), and not for requests.
And when you need styling, I recommend using Mapbox.

Presets for all providers and map types are provided for testing purposes.
The legal way is to use Google Maps tiles in your applications is Google Tiles API.
Google Tiles API is not for everyone, and most likely very-very expensive.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Google Maps SDK for Android

Hello Alex,
thanks for the quick reply.
I almost thought so but I wanted to at least make sure.

Google's pricing is terrifying. Since I just need a simple (but styled) 2D map for the android game I'm planning, I never really looked at the google maps SDK for unity since I saw it was 3D. Because I played around with the google maps android sdk in android studio a bit ago I did notice the sudden extreme price changes all over the different google maps services (I think it was 2018). I had planned to initially also use the roads api but decided not to because of the horrible pricing. I don't understand why they keep the maps android sdk free (or if it will inevitably suddenly cost a lot...)

Thanks for telling me which providers use map styling that really narrows down my choice!
Mapbox seems really powerful and exciting concerning the styling options from what I've seen so far.
I'm a bit confused about the pricing though.
the 25.000 unique users per month pricing seems to only apply to the Maps SDK for mobile and not for using Raster Tiles directly, so I'm not sure how the pricing really works.
I'm guessing your online maps plugin uses the Raster Tiles Api directly so it might not apply here?

I did try loading a mapbox map on my pc and on my android phone from unity but the only thing showing up in my mapbox account is the usage of the Raster Tiles API showing 750.000 requests as free (see image). So it might not care that I accessed it from an android device.

Don't worry, I'm aware that the presets are for testing purposes, I won't abuse that. smile
I'm actually really amazed that they are included so you can start playing around directly.

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Re: Google Maps SDK for Android

I just checked my Mapbox stats and it looks like Mapbox has changed the rules again.
A few months ago, this showed me MAU (monthly active users), but now it also shows requests.
So the current reality is 750k free requests per month.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Google Maps SDK for Android

Ah what a pity. Still seems like the current best choice for me. Thank you for clearing that up!