Topic: Error when pressing shift + space while playing in the editor

While testing the game, pressing shift + space changes the screen to full screen / not full screen. This shouldn't happen without uContext. At the same time, an error pops up. Testing the game is so impossible, I can't jump while running in my game. So far, I went into the error script and commented out the lines and the problem went away. Still, I would like to see a fix for this problem in the uContext update.
Invalid editor window UnityEditor.FallbackEditorWindow
InfinityCode.uContext.Tools.MaximizeGameView:OnInvoke() (at Assets/Plugins/Infinity Code/uContext/Scripts/Editor/Tools/MaximizeGameView.cs:29)
InfinityCode.uContext.KeyBinding:TryInvoke() (at Assets/Plugins/Infinity Code/uContext/Scripts/Editor/Managers/KeyManager.cs:84)
InfinityCode.uContext.KeyManager:OnGlobalEvent() (at Assets/Plugins/Infinity Code/uContext/Scripts/Editor/Managers/KeyManager.cs:34)
InfinityCode.uContext.GlobalEvent:TryInvoke() (at Assets/Plugins/Infinity Code/uContext/Scripts/Editor/Managers/GlobalEventManager.cs:43)
InfinityCode.uContext.GlobalEventManager:EditorGlobalEvent() (at Assets/Plugins/Infinity Code/uContext/Scripts/Editor/Managers/GlobalEventManager.cs:22)

Re: Error when pressing shift + space while playing in the editor


This is uContext behavior.
If this doesn't fit your workflow, you can turn it off in the settings (Project Settings / uContext / Improve Behaviours / Maximize Game View by Shortcut).

About an error:
This is a bug of Unity Editor, and it occurs when Unity Editor API is used correctly.
Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this.
But it is quite possible that I can hide this error message so that it does not display in the console.
I will try to do this in the next version of the asset.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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