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Hello guys!

I have a few problem, maybe someone would help me or give me advice on how to do it.
So... I bought uPano with the idea of creating a virtual tour as a WebGL app, but problem is that I have a lot of photos (around 100, with res. 5376x2688, ~6,9MB). First, I used Unity TextureImport settings to compress images to DXT1, and size was quite small(~4MB). But, when I build tour with all photos and test in a browser, tour application memory was over 2,5GB.
So I use plugin Downloader to download only those photos that will be used at the moment. I build tour with only 9 steps/photos to test how much memory it will take on browser. And..after 2 steps app has 250MB, after 4 has 500MB and the end 8/9 steps has over 1GB...
I saw in Unity, when I download my image from server, and when is loaded as a texture to SphericalPanoRender that the image has no compression and has 55MB, that's a lot. Is there any way to compress that texture, or convert to reduce that size of textures when I download from server? Is there any memory managment or something like that? Is that downloaded texture is saved somewhere?

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uPano does not change the texture import settings you are using.

First of all you need to make sure that you do not override the settings import textures for WebGL (Texture Importer / WebGL settings / Override For WebGL - OFF).
Actually, as far as I know, this is the only setting that can affect the texture format.

If the problem persists, you can use Downloader component to download your textures by url.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I don't know if I explained it clearly.
Now I only want to use Downloader component to download textures by URL, but when it downloaded from server (panorama has orig. 6MB) to SphericalPanoRender, texture has 55MB.
I show how it looks on example here.

This is item0, when I get to item9 tour and test website on my phone application crash because so much memory it takes, over 1GB where 99% is ArrayBuffer. After each item of tour  app memory increase drastically.

So I thought that this size of the texture when downloaded generated this problem, or stored cache of this texture.
Now I'm stuck on this. Do you have any idea how maybe clear cache, or compress this texture after downloaded, on fly?

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Please show the code how you load and unload panoramas (textures).

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I built this tour on example 11.Tour from the plugin but I added a few more steps.
I attached a screen how it looks in Unity.
Here is the tour that you can check.
At the end of the tour, app takes 1.3GB.

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I saw a problem and will try to fix it and release an update early next week.
In addition, your question gave me an idea of how in some cases to drastically reduce memory usage in uPano and Online Maps, and I will try to implement that too.

Why only next week:
My main PC is under repair, and I won't be able to get data from it until the beginning of the week.

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That's cool.
Ok, so I'll be waiting for your update. It's very important for me.
If you need some help with testing or something else I can help. I tried figure out how to compress that textures on fly, but I'm stuck on that.

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Please send me an email (
When it's ready, I'll send you the modified scripts.