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Hello forum

We are using the most recent Infinity Code Online Maps plugin for unity ( and we just built for iOS and are getting this error "Unsupported TextureFormat(33) for GetPixel operations" The stack trace reports the following:
- UnityEngine.EventStstems.EventSystem: RaycastAll(PointerEventData List 1)
- OnlineMapsControlBase: IsCursorOnUIElement(Vector2)
- OnlineMapsControlBase3D: GetInteractiveElement(Vector2)

This error triggers hundreds of times while we take control of the players position on the map, by disabling location service while under user control.

Any ideas?

Re: Unsupported Texture Format(33)


This happens because some of your textures have TextureFormat.PVRTC_RGBA4.
To solve the problem, change the format of these textures to ARGB32, RGBA32, RGB24 or Alpha8.

P.S. Actually, it looks more like you found a bug in Unity Engine.
Try reporting this to Unity Issue Tracker.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Unsupported Texture Format(33)


We too are experiencing this problem. We tend to download our images from Firebase storage and convert them into Texture2Ds that position themselves over the map. We only see this happen on the iOS version though.

Additional: We find that this error still occurs even when we disable ToolTips in the map settings, also this seems to be Ray-Casting items not related to Infinity maps, could this be solved by Tagging or layers?