Topic: map URLs not working on Android

I use a custom url and load tiles from my server

On iOS devices works perfect and map tiles are download from server, without any issue.

When I build for Android devices, with the latest Unity personal version I get no tiles on map.

After some search I came across this article -> "Android 8: Cleartext HTTP traffic not permitted"

So I build a Gradle Project with Unity and try the above solutions without success...
I also try loading tiles fromhttps but again no tiles on map.

I debug the project on Android Studio and finally found that Android project needs a security_config.xml

I created that file with suggested code but not working...

Is this a Unity error?
Has anyone the same problem?

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Re: map URLs not working on Android


No, no one wrote to me about such a problem before.
And I just checked Unity Issue Tracker over the last couple of years, and there is no mention of such a problem.
Online Maps is used by a lot of people from novices of Unity to industry professionals, and I have a lot feedback. If this problem appeared earlier, I would know about it.

There may be two things here:
1. The problem is in your device. Try testing this on another device.
2. The problem is in some settings of your project. Try to create a new empty project with default settings, import Online Maps, and check if it works or not.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: map URLs not working on Android

***** PROBLEM SOLVED *****
The problem was my server MODSECURITY = enabled. This is something like a firewall.
I don't know why on iOS was working. Maybe something change on newer versions of Android and MODSECURITY detect it as a threat!

I disable MODSECURITY and everything works great!
This issue was delay my project 2 weeks until I found the problem.

Alex, your help was very important!! With your directions I finally found what was the problem.

thank you again.