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Topic: The panoramic image not display!

hi all :

I  run the samples scenes, but did not display any content. Is there anything that needs to be configured?

unity 2021.3.32f1  URP

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Re: The panoramic image not display!


No, it doesn't require any additional configuration.
I just double-checked and on my side the examples display correctly for URP.

First of all check the console (Window / General / Console).
It is quite possible that there are some messages there.
If there is nothing there related to panorama, try to select some other URP shader in Spherical Pano Renderer / Shader.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: The panoramic image not display!

Thank you for your reply. When I replaced the shader with Universal render pipeline/Unlit, everything was fine. Perhaps this should be the default option?