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Topic: Changing render texture

Hello, in my app I have many places where I want to display the map. They have also different sizes. Can I just create multiple RawImages and just change the render texture in the camera and map gameobjects?

Do I also have to change the "size in scene" in the tileset control? What does that even do? I can change it to 1x2px, move camera to the center of tileset and it looks still ok?

Can I have multiple Raw Image Touch forwarders?

Thanks for help

Re: Changing render texture


You only need to change the render texture in the camera.

Whether you need to change the size in scene depends on the behaviour you want to achieve.
In most cases you don't need to change it.

P.S. While checking this before writing you a reply, I found a bug in the Touch Forwarder that made clicking on the second and subsequent Touch Forwarders not work.
Email me (support@infinity-code.com) and I'll send you the fixed script.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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