Topic: Map to Terrain reuse

hi All,
sorry for newbie question, just got OnlineMap yesterday
I would like to reuse one of the map  (with Elevation) into my own game. so the map needs to be offline, and I should be able to run the game without connection on mobile

what are the steps to do so?? high level walkthrough is appreciated

best regards


Re: Map to Terrain reuse


Unfortunately, you can not do it.
If you try to use Mesh to Terrain or create prefab in playmode, it is likely that Unity Editor will crash.

Actually, for this purpose you need to use Real World Terrain.

Theoretically, you can use the local elevation data (such as SRTM) in Online Maps.
But you must have some experience in C# to do it. … ample.html

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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