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Topic: Here Map/Nokia Map API Questions

Hello everyone,
I have a few questions about features using the Here API/Nokia Maps and OnlineMapsHereRoutingAPIResults. I have to be using Here API for now since I was recently given this project. I found answers for questions but using the Google API. This is my first time using the online maps API and this app is currently on the PC platform as well.

1)Is there an option to show only the street names but not the building names? With Pedestrian night you see both but with Normal night you see none of the 2.
2)Is there a way to update the drawn route line in real time? For example once you complete 1/2 a route, the route will be redrawn with the remaining route left.

Thank you for your time,

Re: Here Map/Nokia Map API Questions


1. No. Tile textures are already generated on the provider side and cannot be customized.
Only when using Mapbox or Google Maps customization of tiles is possible.

2. See Navigation example scene.
This is done using Google API, but can be easily modified for HERE Routing API.

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Infinity Code Team.

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