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Topic: GetCorners

I am using :  OnlineMaps.instance.GetCorners(out xL,out yT,out xR,out yB); to get the boundaries of the map I display (2D, Tileset build using the standard instruction). These values, however do not corespond with the map area that I see displayed (both latitude and longitude seem to be 3 times wider than displayed. Is there an explanation, thanks.

What I actually need is latitude chnage per pixel and longitude change per pixel. I want to shift the mapview a number of pixels that I've calculated.

Re: GetCorners


GetCorners returns the corners of the map, not its view on the screen.
If you want to get the coordinates of the screen corners, use OnlineMapsControlBase.GetCoords for the four corners of the screen.
https://infinity-code.com/doxygen/onlin … 2b5c474800

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