Topic: Localisation services dont work first launch

Hi everyone,

I'm encountering an issue during the initial startup of my application. The location service is unable to detect my position, and the 2D marker representing my position is never instantiated. However, if I close my application and restart it, everything works perfectly!

I've realized that the location service doesn't function during the start() if GPS is not ready. It would be great if I could check if the GPS is ready when my instance position exists, and if not, instantiate it!

Thanks a lot.

Re: Localisation services dont work first launch


You need to subscribe to OnlineMapsLocationServiceBase.OnLocationInited to know when the GPS is initialized. … 1f094479d2

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Re: Localisation services dont work first launch

Thanks, now i have to understood how to check if position marker is instanciate or not, and in case, instanciate it!