Topic: Copying a Terrain made of mesh

I have a problem with a copy of Terrain made of mesh.
When I make a copy of the Terrain in the Hierarchy tab (copy-paste) all the changes I make to the copy of the Terrain (e.g. I paint it in a certain place with a texture) the same change will automatically be made on the original Terrain from which I made a copy. What should I do so that I can change the copy (repaint) and keep the original Terrain unchanged?

Re: Copying a Terrain made of mesh


This is because both your terrain in the scene (in the hierarchy) refer to the same terrain in the project.
To avoid this you need to make a copy of the terrain in the project using explorer and make an instance of the second terrain in the scene.
In this case, the changes made in one terrain will not affect the other one.

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Re: Copying a Terrain made of mesh

Thank you for help.