Topic: Draw the gps marker on top of every other marker


Is there a way that I can have the gps marker always being drawn on top of the other "location" markers? Because as it is now, the user indicator gets hidden behind the other markers and the user cannot see where they are.

In addition, I am using the OnlineMapsLocationService and on specific devices, the marker of the gps seem to be quite off for example Samsung S21. Do you know how this can be corrected? I already have the desired accuracy at 2 metres and using fine location permission.

Thank you very much

Re: Draw the gps marker on top of every other marker


Here is an example of how to change the order of markers: … ample.html

Online Maps Location Service is just a wrapper for Unity Location Service, and when you need to look for a problem on Unity side.
This is usually a permissions issue.
Check what you have in LocationService.status and LocationService.lastData. … tatus.html … tData.html

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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