Topic: Tileset map does not pan correctly if map is rotated

My tileset map has been working well for over a year until I updated to version Now my map doesn't pan around correctly. It only moves left and right (in longitude) and even then it speeds up and slows down randomly. It does not move up or down (latitude) at all. My map is rotated to sit vertically (rotation 90,0,180) and that seems to be the issue. If the map rotation is 0,0,0 then it works pans normally, but the rest of my app is set up for the camera facing forward, so I need it to work in that direction. Also my camera is in orthographic mode. I attached a screenshot of the inspector.

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Re: Tileset map does not pan correctly if map is rotated


Thanks a lot for the bug report.
Problem fixed.
Please contact me via email ( or discord and I will send you a patch.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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