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Hey there,
I have a question, and can't find any info about it anywhere on the forum or youtube.
I want to create something similar in VR as geoguessr website, where you start the game, you are  teleported to random location(custom coordinates), that location is a panorama (like in google street view), you can turn around, move forward, backwards and etc.
For my understanding, both online maps and uPano is needed to create something like that, if not, please correct me.
I followed some tutorials on youtube - "Show Google Street View using Online Maps and uPano | Unity Asset", "uPano - Creating visual tours using Tour Maker | Unity Virtual Tour Asset | Unity Panorama". But there are few problems that occur.
1. In uPano extension manager, there is a google street view provider, but I can't download it, it requires invoice number. What invoice number? how to get it? where can I find it? (it is required for Online Maps - uPano connector script)
2. How to get Google Street View Static API? I went to google, selected g.street view static API, enabled it, went to credentials and got an API key, but I dont know if its for street view or no -

If I am missing something or there is a tutorial how to do that properly, just tell me, I couldn't find anything in the forum hmm

Re: online maps + upano


Yes, you need both assets for this.

You can use Invoice Number or Order ID.
2. This plugin does not use Static API because Static API is useless if you want to do something dynamic.
It works in the same way as JS API.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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