Topic: Linking to specific Pano in new scene

I'm currently working on a project that has a great number of panos to include. My idea on how to organize the project would be to break them down into "areas" where each area has its own scene in Unity containing multiple panos. Sometimes these "areas" intersect and I would like to to be able to load a new scene, but with a specific pano displayed. ie Scene #1 Pano #2 might link to Scene #2, Pano #10. Is there a way to do this currently? if not what would be the best route to try and implement it?

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Re: Linking to specific Pano in new scene

Looking at the documentation I found this in the transitions section:

For each action that supports transitions (DestroyCurrentPanorama, LoadAnotherPanorama, LoadScene), you can specify two transitions:
Before - will be invoked before the action.
After - will be invoked after the action.

Can I use the "after" setting on a LoadScene action to turn on or set active the specific pano in the new scene? Would this transition be seamless? ie I wouldn't see the "default" pano first?  or could "pano index/name" be added to the LoadScene script?

Also I'm not sure I understand the difference between "Load Panorama Prefab" and "Switch to Panorama" Quick Actions. It seems I would want to use the Switch to Panorama. under what circumstances would I use Load Pano Prefab?

Re: Linking to specific Pano in new scene


Unfortunately no, this is not possible.
Switching between scenes, each of which has several panoramas, is not designed.
So you better go some other way.

No, After Transition will not work on scene changes.
Unity's current workflow does not imply that this is possible.
But, thanks for your question. I will try to find a way to make this work.

No, you cannot add a reference to a panorama in another scene.
Unity does not support referencing objects between scenes.

Load Panorama Prefab - loads a panorama from a prefab (GameObject in a project that does not have an instance in the scene).
Switch to Panorama - switches to another panorama that is already present in the scene, but disabled.

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