Topic: serialization error message

Recursive Serialization is not supported. You can't dereference a PPtr while loading. (Constructors of C# classes may not load objects either eg. EditorGUIUtility.TextContent should be moved to OnEnable. See stacktrace.)
MeshToTerrainPrefs:LoadPref(String, List`1) (at Assets/Infinity Code/MeshToTerrain/Scripts/Editor/MeshToTerrainPrefs.cs:221)
MeshToTerrainPrefs:Load() (at Assets/Infinity Code/MeshToTerrain/Scripts/Editor/MeshToTerrainPrefs.cs:171)
MeshToTerrainPrefs:.ctor() (at Assets/Infinity Code/MeshToTerrain/Scripts/Editor/MeshToTerrainPrefs.cs:97)
UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadWindowLayout(String, Boolean)

Re: serialization error message


The problem is fixed.
Please update Mesh to Terrain through built-in update (Window / Infinity Code / Mesh to Terrain / Check Updates).

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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