Topic: caching with asset bundles


as far as I see it caching is currently only possible using the resource folder or streaming assets, correct?
Unfortunately we need to cache quite a lot of tiles and ship it on mobile.
We now hit the limit of googles 150mb with our app. We already use play asset delivery for larger files, but now we can't add any more maps because we would exceed the limit.

Basically the problem is, that the resource folder and streaming assets are always built into the main app, right? So we would need to store the files in a different folder.

In general: is there a reason to use resources or streaming assets? Both are not very performant and should be avoided if possible.


Re: caching with asset bundles


Online Maps can download tiles from the Internet, Resources or Streaming Assets.
If you need some other source, you can easily implement loading from your own online or offline source (including asset bundles) using Online Maps API.
Example: … ample.html

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Re: caching with asset bundles

Perfect, I will try to implement it with that.
Thanks a lot for your quick answer.