Topic: Camera snaps back to previous position when moved

Hi! I needed to add a system where the user can press the Tab key in order to move the camera to focus on each hotspot. Unfortunately, when I then try to use uPano's keyboard or mouse controls, the view snaps back to the last camera pan/tilt position as remembered by those controls. Is there any way to get the controls to use the camera's current position instead of a cached position if I need to temporarily take manual control of the camera for this system?

Re: Camera snaps back to previous position when moved


By default, you cannot control the camera directly, because when something changes pan / tilt, uPano will set its camera rotation.
Instead, you need to set a new pan / tilt (Pano.LookAt). … a9169eae37

How to find out the pan / tilt you should set:
If pan / tilt is known for an object (for example, this is HotSpot), then you can get the value from it (HotSpot.pan, HotSpot.tilt). … 8f3f5551f1
If pan / tilt for the object is unknown, then you need to convert the screen position (PanoRenderer<T>.GetPanTiltByScreenPosition) of an object, world position (PanoRenderer<T>.GetPanTiltByWorldPosition) of an object or UV of a panorama texture (SingleTexturePanoRenderer <T> .GetPanTiltByUV) to pan / tilt. … 85d77456d1 … fd68373b4f

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Re: Camera snaps back to previous position when moved

Thanks! That took care of the problem.