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Topic: Multiplayer OLMap with Photon

Hello, I watched this video about multiplayer on an OLMap using photon :

I understand that the objects are synced.

I would like to make (with PUN2 too) something a little bit different : If the "presenter" moves the map (the map doesn't really move in the scene, its coordinates or zoom level do change) or the camera, the "spectator's" (who can't move the map in the same time) view is synced in real time.

Do you think this could be possible ? Do I need a specific script ?

Best regards.

Re: Multiplayer OLMap with Photon


In general case - yes, this can be easily done using Online Maps + Photon PUN.
In your case - as far as I know PUN can be used with Playmaker.
But I am not an expert in Photon PUN and do not know the details about this.

Re: Multiplayer OLMap with Photon

Ok, thanks for the answer !
Have a nice day.