Topic: UI over map keeps calling OnMarkerRelease


I'll explain what i'm doing first:

I have a map that is showing on a UI - RawImage.

I have added couple of markers on the map and made a function to be called, when every marker get's relased:
"_marker.OnRelease += MarkerOnRelease"

The MarkerOnRelease is simply calling an UI Panel to show up above the map, in the same Canvas...

On PC\Mac everything is okay, but on mobile, whenever the UI Panel shows up on the screen, everytime i press and release over that panel, the function _marker.OnRelease is getting called every time, even though i am not touching that marker at all.

The problem is that i have added a "Close" button on that UI Panel and whenever i press the close button, the UI is closing, but right after that the _marker.OnRelease is calling again to show up the UI and i can't close the panel.

If i press somewhere on the actual map, outside the UI Panel, the function stops getting called.

Weird thing is that this does not happen if i'm using Unity Remote. It happens only if i build the app and install it on the mobile device (In this case iOS)

Not sure if this is something related OnlineMaps functionality, or the Unity UI, but is there a way for you to fix it?

I can make a video to show the actual problem...


Re: UI over map keeps calling OnMarkerRelease


Very strange.
Unfortunately, the video doesn't help much here.
I need a project to debug this.

Please send me the project by email (, I will debug it.
To make it clear:
I don't need your working project.
I need any temporary project where the problem is appears and I can test it.

Re: UI over map keeps calling OnMarkerRelease

Thanks for the respond.

I have sent you a UnityProject with a sample scene.

Re: UI over map keeps calling OnMarkerRelease

Yes, I've seen it.
I'll let you know when I find a way to fix the problem.