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Topic: Horizon_2 resolutions/settings

Hello, I'm trying to wrap my head around how to best set up the horizon terrains to have the same quality as the central map.

I'm using the Horizon_2_ArcGIS script.

Maybe I just need some explanation on what the following parameters actually do and I can figure it out:

Count X and Count Y --> I try to keep at 3 or 6, either way not quite sure how the math works here.

Resolution --> if set to anything other than 32, the horizon becomes incomplete, typically only makes 1 additional terrain instead of the typical 8 needed.

Request Resolution --> stays at 100 as I assume this means that I want to request the full resolution image.

Map Resolution --> I assume this is the res for the terrains generated by horizon, I keep this to whatever the above Resolution is set to.

So my issue is that as mentioned I want my horizon terrains to have the same res as my main map.
If I set Count X and Y to 3, and set the Resolution and Map resolution to 32, I get a clean extended terrain as I expect, but the resolution of the horizon generated terrains are not what I want.

If I bump up the resolution and map resolution to say 64 ( again I assume I need power of 2 values ), then it just breaks, meaning that the correct number of surrounding terrains don't generate.

My goal is to have it to where if I generate my horizon based on a zoom level of say 15, then those tiles should reflect that same zoom level resolution.

Would love some direction on how to set this up better.

Edit: I should add that at this point in what I'm making, I have unsubscribed to the OnMapClick events, as I no longer want to continue being able to move the map--which is why I want those higher res terrain tiles

Re: Horizon_2 resolutions/settings


If the horizon and the map must have the same quality (zoom), you do not need the horizon.
This script is made for when you want to create a highly detailed center of the map and a low detailed horizon.

Count X and Count Y - the number of tiles horizontally and vertically (usually the X and Z axes).
Request Resolution - ArcGIS can return up to 100x100 values per request.
Map Resolution - the displayed resolution of the elevations of the map. In other words, how many horizontal and vertical points (XZ) the map has. The default is 32.
Resolution - the displayed resolution elevations for each horizon tile.

Unfortunately, I did not understand the OnMapClick part, and how it relates to the rest of the post.

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Re: Horizon_2 resolutions/settings

Understood thank you.

What I meant by the OnMapClick was that I disable he users ability to move the map around

Re: Horizon_2 resolutions/settings

How is the user's ability to move the map and OnMapClick related?
This action is called when the user releases the mouse button (touch) at the same location where it pressed, and this cannot affect the movement, because this action will simply not be called if there is a drag.
There is a simple way to disable map movement: Allow User Control - OFF.

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