Topic: Showcase projects

Is there any link which shows showcase projects made by Online Maps asset?

I think it is good idea to see real time solutions made by Online Maps.

Re: Showcase projects


Yes, this is a good idea, but it is very difficult to do.
I will try to explain…

Online Maps are used by many world famous companies from the industries: aviation, space, military, automotive, surveying, oil and gas, environment and many others. And, of course, game and software development. Everyone knows the names of these companies, no matter what country you are from.
Even some mapping solution developers (my direct competitors) sometimes choose Online Maps instead of using their own solutions, which is very pleasant for me.

This raises a reasonable question: if you have world famous clients, why don't you use it in your promo materials?
There are several problems here:
1. Privacy: I received information about these companies when they contacted support.
Any information regarding who, when and why contacted support is private.
I care very much about the privacy of clients, and I have no moral right to talk about it.
2. Legality: no one gave me the rights to use the names and logos of companies, applications and games that they made.
3. Knowledge: clients contact me when they have a problem.
In fact, in most cases, I don’t know anything about projects other than a short description of the problem.
Even when I have enough information about the project, I do not know if it is finished or not.

I made a forum thread where everyone can share information about the project, but as you can see, not many people want to share something:

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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