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I am stunned did not find anything in the forum about the heightmap clunky steps aspect. No one else has the minecrafted terrain like in the attached image?
In the image, enclosed, the RWT setting in case anyone can see any error causing the steps.
If it's something relative to the imported RAW bit settings, can it be changed to 16 bit greyscale?
If it's something relative to the maximum resolution of the data providers, is there a way to smooth the terrain?
Any help will be appreciated,

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Re: Clunky heightmap terrain


You have this result because of Elevation Range - Real World Value.
With these settings, RWT uses a range from -15km to 15km, giving a range of 30km.
Unity Terrain Engine stores the heightmap as ushort array (2 bytes), which means you have 1 height step every 0.5 meters.
Elevation Range - Real World Value should be used for very specific situations.
In most cases, it is better to use Elevation Range - Auto Detect.

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Re: Clunky heightmap terrain

That easy, huh?
Thank you very much.
I spent few days stuck with this.
It is a great asset Alex.