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Topic: [SOLVED] Transition from non-panorama view to panorama view


I'm using Online Maps and uPano in the same project and I'd like to be able to have transitions between the map view and the panorama view.
I can show/hide a panorama easily but I'd like to have nice fade-in / fade-out transitions using uPano transition system.

I have seen the provided examples where Actions are used (such as SetGameObjectActive) but these Actions rely on the HotSpotManager which provides an InteractiveElement to the Action.
However I don't have any InteractiveElement since I am not inside the panorama yet (but on the map view).

I tried something like :


But that results in a NullReferenceException and no transition happens.

How can I achieve this ?
Thank you !

Re: [SOLVED] Transition from non-panorama view to panorama view


This needs to be added on the side of Online Maps.

Updated Pano Connector with transitions attached.
Replace the script in your project, and specify the transitions that you want to use.

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Re: [SOLVED] Transition from non-panorama view to panorama view

Thank you for your quick reply !