Topic: Mars terrain and image

Hi Alex,

I wanted to put mars terrain and i have .raw and .tiff for terrain offline in my system . Please , help me to ingest this in to RWT.

Re: Mars terrain and image


RWT does not support the generation of terrains based on custom RAW / TIFF files.

But you can cheat RWT, and get your area of Mars in this way:
1. You generate any area of the earth, with a size equivalent to the size of the desired area of Mars.
2. Export your heightmap as RAW.
3. Open it in a graphic editor (for example, Photoshop), and replace the exported image with your own raw image.
4. Import RAW heightmap back.
And you'll get the desired result.

Re: Mars terrain and image

In case of Mars projection system is different . I already have a raw file of elevation. Now want to wrap it with high resolution texture