Topic: 360 quality in Oculus Quest gallery (much) better than in a Unity app

Here are 2 magnified details of the same 360 (4096x2048 pix), screenshots made inside an Oculus Quest.
At the top, the 360 photo is displayed from the gallery, at the bottom using Upano.
As you may notice, the quality of the top image (Quest gallery) is much better, for instance you can read the number on the boat while this is not possible on the bottom capture (UPano).
I tried other 360 Unity assets without success. Is there any way to improve the quality ? Maybe a bad setting ?
I can share the 360 photo if you wish to try for yourself.
Best regards, Phil

Re: 360 quality in Oculus Quest gallery (much) better than in a Unity app


There may be four problems:
1. Texture Importer - Generate Mip Maps.
It is possible that Unity does not use the largest mipmap level because of the distance to the surface.
Try disabling Generate Mip Maps in the texture import settings.

2. Texture Importer - Max Size.
The default value is 2048, which means that your 4096x2048 texture is reduced to 2048x1024.
Set Max Size to 4096 in the texture import settings.

3. Texture Importer - Compression.
This also affects the quality of the texture.
Try using Compression - None.

4. Settings overridden for the platform.
Unity allows you to override import settings for each platform.
It is possible that this is used for your texture.
Check it out in your texture import settings.

Re: 360 quality in Oculus Quest gallery (much) better than in a Unity app

Hi Alex,

This quality issue is very important to me, because I am working on a project about Notre Dame de Paris (we have 50 360 photos of the cathedral before the fire) that could become a great app !

About your suggestions :
1. I need mipmaps, because I can see the spheres from the outside, and without mipmaps they are flickering a lot. I am afraid I can't disable mipmaps in the app, nor force the best mipmap resolution ? But even without mipmaps the quality is not better.
2. Of course I force to 4096 texture size
3. No visible change change
4. Tested, no change

I tried lot of things without success... I could not get the same quality in Unity as in the "native" Oculus Gallery Viewer, I don't know why. The quality is even better in my HTC Vive, while the resolution is lower (with the same pano and same app).

Something that would be great : if you could share a full project, even with only one pano, with Android best quality settings, I could understand where I am wrong. Or even an APK, so I can test the quality. I can send to you an equirectangular file.

Best regards, Phil

Re: 360 quality in Oculus Quest gallery (much) better than in a Unity app

I just compared the result of uPano with the results of other panoramic applications (not Unity), and I have an absolutely identical result when using 8k, 4k and 2k textures.

It doesn’t matter what settings I use in the project.
It only matters what settings you use in the project.
Send me your complete project by email (, and I will try to find the reason for the low quality texture.

To make it clear:
I do not need your real project.
It can be any temporary project with one panorama, where I can see what settings you use.