Topic: uContext v1.8 Released

uContext 1.8

We released a new version of uContext with GameObjects highlighting in SceneView, the ability to quickly replace GameObjects and many other features.

[Actions] Added Replace GameObjects action.
[Breadcrumbs] Right-clicking now displays the context menu for GameObject.
[Context Menu] Added context menu by right-clicking on window items.
[Context Menu] Right-clicking now displays the context menu for component items.
[Context Menu] Fixed component width.
[Core] Added the ability to disable window transparency (context menu and search).
[Create Browser] Added support for blacklisting folders for prefabs (can be added in the settings).
[Create Browser] Interactive preview of item (you can rotate an item).
[Input Dialog] Now Keypad Enter can also be used as OK.
[Object Placer] Fixed creating UI GameObjects when opening Create Browser on Canvas.
[Rename] Added ability to group rename GameObjects.
[Rename] Renaming by F2 now also works when focus on the Inspector window, Component window and the Context Menu.
[Search] Added the ability to disable search by project and by component.
[Search] SHIFT + Enter selects a GameObject and focuses on it.
[Search] Added the ability to search only by type (without an item name).
[Settings] Improved window blacklist where CTRL + F will not open search.
[Tools] Added Highlighter tool.
[Waila] Added GameObject highlighting when displaying Waila.
[Waila] Added GameObject highlighting when hovering over smart selection items.
[Waila] Waila is now displayed when the cursor is over the Scene View, and the focus is on any window.
[Waila] Now, when displaying Waila, GameObject will be selected, instead of adding to the current selection.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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