Topic: uContext v1.7 Released

[Actions] Create action now uses Create Browser Window.
[Actions] Now duplicate action uses the built-in Unity action.
[Actions] Added Group action.
[Actions] Maximize Scene View action now also works for Game View.
[Behaviours] Added ability to maximize Game View by shortcut (SHIFT + Space).
[Behaviours] Renaming by F2 now also works with focus on the Scene View.
[Bookmarks] Now for prefabs the ability to hide them in Scene View is disabled.
[Breadcrumbs] Added support for multiple selection.
[Context Menu] Added icons for windows and components.
[Core] Fixed minor memory leaks.
[Core] Fixed broken Layout when opening a component in a separate window.
[Search] Changed behavior when clicking on search items:
Click - selects a item.
Right click - Show context menu for item.
Double click or Enter - selects an object in a project or hierarchy.
CTRL + Enter - opens the component in a new window, GameObject in a new inspector,
or performs the default action for another type of object (for example, opens a script in the editor).
[Tools] Added Object Placer (CTRL + SHIFT + Right Click in the scene).
[Tools] Added the ability to group objects (CTRL + G).

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