Topic: Features from highlights video    on 0:28 (search Marker and then stored information for it) and 0:54 (search route directions etc, either from my location or whenever i choose, to a marker i created) Thank you!

Are the following features i mention ready to use somehow or i have to create them through code using API examples? Could you indicate me where to find them or which scripts to use? (for Google APIs usage)

Re: Features from highlights video


At second 28, Google Places Autocomplete API and Google Places Details API are shown. … d4952c3836 … b9795d0c1d
Example: … ample.html

At second 54, Google Directions API are shown. … ed4d325f5a
Example: … ample.html

Any API can be used by creating scripts (C#) or visual scripting (Bolt or Playmaker).

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