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Do you have available an example scene that shows AR objects that have been positioned using a GPS coordinate?

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What asset are you asking about?

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In the description of the Unity Asset it states, "Online Maps is a universal multi-platform mapping solution for your 2D, 3D, AR / VR and mobile applications and games."
There are no example videos of AR I could find and looking through the Package contents I could not find anything relating to Augmented Reality so I am curious as to how the AR is implemented.

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I think there is a misunderstanding here:
Online Maps is a mapping solution, not AR framework.
For example, you need a map for your AR project, and Online Maps allows you to do this.

I think you want to position objects in a scene based on GPS, without displaying a map.
Technically, using Online Maps you can do this.
But keep in mind that Online Maps is not designed for this, and, of course, does not have such an example.

How to do it:
1. Create Tileset map.
2. Add Online Maps Location Service and Elevation Manager.
3. Make the map have the size of the real world. … ample.html
4. Disable map renderer.

OnlineMaps.instance.GetComponent<MeshRenderer>().enabled = false;

5. Set the camera in the center of the map:

double lng, lat;
OnlineMapsTilesetControl.instance.GetCoords(out lng, out lat);
Camera.main.transform.position = OnlineMapsTilesetControl.instance.GetWorldPositionWithElevation(lng, lat);

6. Create your GPS objects as 3D markers.

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Hi, I have developed a solution to this using geofences technique by adding a collider to the 3D marker and then another collider to the player. Programmatically it can trigger any action when the player is entering, exiting or staying within the 3D geofences from markers. I hope it helps.