Topic: Text file lists of marker locations.

Hello ...

I just started out with Online Maps and a personal project to learn Unity.

Is there already an option to import a text file list with location names and coordinates (one per line) to display those locations as markers on a map. Or alternatively, is there some example code for how OnlineMapsMarker is used? … arker.html

I am think about a text file of UNESCO sites, or my own virtual tourist lists with e.g. historic sites and castles, or museums, to be viewed with the uPano streetview plugin. 

I am not sure where this project will lead me, but eventually I would like to visit these Streetview sites in VR (oculus rift) with a round map on the floor for quick browsing and changing pictures.

Thanks in advance for some suggestions.

- Marco.

Re: Text file lists of marker locations.


It very much depends on which text file you have.
Here is an example of reading CSV: … 5296#p5296
What is CSV:

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