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Topic: How to rotate the map with fingers?

Hello, sorry for my maybe stupid question,
1) but I've made a build for Android and I've noticed that I can nicely move, zoom and tilt the map with fingers.
Using 2 fingers the map zoom and tilt, and it rotate a little but I didn't understand which is the gesture to rotate the map...
Or, better, I assume that it should rotate just like Google Maps do, but it rotate too little, is it possible to increase the rotation factor?

2) Do this gestures work on iOS too?

Many thanks!

Re: How to rotate the map with fingers?


Online Maps has no rotation gestures.
Online Maps Camera Orbit adds gestures drag with two fingers:
- horizontally - to rotate the camera around the map.
- vertically - to tilt the camera.

If you want to have a twist gesture, you need to use integration with EasyTouch, Fingers - Touch Gestures or Touch Script.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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