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Topic: First Terrain using RWT: looking for critique/next steps/ help!

Hello! I bought RWT in hopes of creating a terrain to place AIS ship data POIs. I have found getting the initial map set up to be very tricky. I've attached a photo but here are some problems I've had so far:

1. when I render a map. it is *very high above the origin (0 0 0) and I do not know how to correct this.
2. I also cannot rotate the terrain as a whole, or even each individual tile within the overall terrain - if i do so, it just moves one tile above or below the others.

Once these are done, I was hoping to get some advice on how to make it better:
1. How do I add labels in the original build of the map?
2. Is it possible to add POIs to the map from a csv file of points within the map's longitude/latitude? how?

Thanks for any help/advice!

Settings: imgur.com/6nZvbhw
Zoomed in view of terrain: imgur.com/IRMdei8
"normal" view of terrain when I've scrolled very far out from origin: imgur.com/l1GdAqs

Re: First Terrain using RWT: looking for critique/next steps/ help!


1. Elevation Range - Auto Detect.
2. Yes, you cannot rotate and scale a terrain using Transform.
Unity Terrain Engine does not support this.
And I do not know any reason to do this.
3. Use Texture Provider, which has labels.
For example Mapbox, OpenStreetMap or custom source of tiles.
4. Yes, using RWT API.
Send me your csv and I'll give you an example.

1. Resolution Per Patch - 16.
2. Scale - 1x1x1. Most likely you do not need to use 100x100x100.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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