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Topic: Resolution

why when i change resolution ,map's altitude changes?
how can I handle this case ,my airplane is fixe so inspite of changing the plane position i change map position.So that in the case of changing zoom(i need a hight resolution for some area) i lost view :I don't see more the map.
Any why to changing resolution and keep seeing the map.,?
2-As you mentiened here
if I want to have the same display view ,i should change zoom when changing width and height,so any way to calculate needed zoom for a specific area?
when I increase the width and height of the map.
the horizon is hidden since its size has become small. there is not a method to create a horizon even with a big map,any way to fixe width and height of the horizon
thank you

Re: Resolution


Horizon is not designed to change the size of the map, and to be honest, I can not imagine why it is needed.
When you change the size of the map can occur different magical things.
This is just an example, and you can add there any behavior that you need.

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