Topic: GPX Example freeze Unity

I have a GPX that I should read and consequently create a track line (with LineRenderer) from it.
So, to test the GPX reader I did:
1 - attached the "GPX Example" script to the Map
2 - modified the script to read the file from my desktop (string filename = "C:/Users/Daniele/Desktop/GIRO_VEDERNA.gpx";)
3 - press PlAY ----> Unity freeze

I've attached the GPX file I'm trying to read.
Many thanks!

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Re: GPX Example freeze Unity


This is a bug in Online Maps with dotNet v4.x.
Thank you for reporting this.
The problem has been fixed and in the next version it will work correctly.
The new version will be available through the built-in update system, most likely tomorrow.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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