Topic: Update OnlineMaps with namespace and/or asmdef

Hello OnlineMap team !
We used your asset in our company for a while now and we just updated to your v3 and the asset is truely great ! (Good job for this update !)

We have just something in mind for a while and I did this today :
- Use namespace for all your scripts
- Use asmdef for your scripts too by regrouping them in a Editor folder (this one already exist) and in a Runtime folder.

In a way to not redo this each time we will update our project with your asset, are you interested in this update ?
I can send you all your script updated with a
"namespace InfinityCode.OnlineMaps{ ... }
around your code which is a good thing (according to us) to have a base code clean and clear.

I can send you too the asmdef stuff which is ultra simple (as I mentionned just above)

Or even both update which are according to us, 2 nice improvements for your asset.


Re: Update OnlineMaps with namespace and/or asmdef


I also hate such class names and not using namespaces.

Why Online Maps has such class names:
Initially Online Maps was developed for Unity v3.x, which did not work correctly with Plugins folder. This is necessary to place the asset scripts and user scripts in different assemblies.
So Online Maps would be placed in same assembly that users scripts, with the addition of an asset name prefix.
This is a common practice for assets that were made in those times.

Can we fix it now:
Yes, but only with complete loss of compatibility with previous versions.
Breaking a few hundred user projects just for beauty and cleanliness, this is too much price, and of course we will never do that.

About your requests:
We will not add a namespace, because it will break all existing projects, and it does not make sense with such class names.
And we will not add asmdef, because we want everything to remain as it is for existing projects.

What you can do:
You can create an Editor script that will move Online Maps to the desired folder and add namespaces.
This is a fairly simple script, so I do not think that you will have problems implementing this.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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