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Topic: Multi-Camera Rendering


I have a particular use case where I would like to render the map with two separate cameras, each camera focused in on a different location.   Due to how I am using my markers, I would like to have one map in the scene.

I've tried on PreRender to set the position of the map for that particular camera, redraw the map and then render the camera; but it seems like either the redraw isn't complete by the time the frame is rendered or the redraw is pushed to the end of the frame, either way, both cameras render the same variation of the map.

    double lat, lon;
    float zoom;
    OnlineMaps map;

    public void OnPreRender()
          map.SetPositionAndZoom(lon, lat, zoom);

any suggestions or workarounds to get this to work?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Multi-Camera Rendering


Yes, this is a rather unique case.
Theoretically, this is possible for Tileset Control.
Invoke OnlineMapsTileSetControl.UpdateControl after RedrawImmediately.

But in practice, this usage scenario has not been tested, and may have many pitfalls.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Multi-Camera Rendering

Thank you for the pointers!  I have a solution already that kind of works via caching the drawn texture when the target display receives a change;  but Ill explore your reccomendations and report on the results!

Appreciate it smile