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Topic: Draw line

Im unable to make drawline works.
I'm using Tilesets, TilesetControl(Deactivated)
Points are Vector2[] with Longitude/Latitude(Coordinates are 100% correct)
I don't have any marker.
ZoomLevel 16, LineWidth 5
If I debug the component I see that it has loaded all my line points (approx 1500) but they are not rendered at all.

OnlineMaps.instance.AddDrawingElement(new OnlineMapsDrawingLine(pathLineDrawPositions, Color.blue, 5f));

(Markers work correctly since I can draw markers to my positions)

Any suggestion?
I cant use Unity LineRenderer cause I need line to be cropped inside the map UI mask doesn't work. Also I would be forced to redraw it every update as the map moves.


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Re: Draw line

This is the OnlineMaps component

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Re: Draw line


Online Maps and Control (in this case Tileset Control) are required components and should be enabled.
So just enable Tileset Control.

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Infinity Code Team.

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