Topic: Custom URL provider : UMAP

Is there any way to add this type of maps to custom provider url : … .000/2.000

(with all the layers etc) so map would be visible as it is under this link?

I tried to search for something similar on the forum but unfortunately I could find answer to my question

Re: Custom URL provider : UMAP


You mean this overlay over the map, right?

You cannot do this directly because Online Maps does not support vector data. But you can work around this in several ways.

Way 1:
uMap just stores overlay as JSON.
You can download this JSON and display it using Drawing API.
This way is better to use if you have several (up to 200) lines on the map.

Way 2:
You use this third-party software to rasterize this vector data into tiles, and display it as overlay. … ample.html
This way is better to use if you have a complicated overlay, which is located in one place (for example, a city), because you will have a quite large number of tiles.

Way 3:
You programmatically rasterize your vector data, cache the result, and display it as overlay.
This can be quite simply implemented using Online Maps API.
This way can be used if the first two are not suitable for your project, because software rasterization is a quite slow and requires a lot of memory.

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Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Custom URL provider : UMAP

Thanks for your answer, for now I will got wiht Way 1, it seems it will be best for me.