Topic: RealTilesetSizeExample, buildings and OnChangeZoom


I'm not sure if you consider this as a bug, or just a limitation of you example implementation RealTilesetSizeExample.
When create a new map with buildings and add the RealTilesetSizeExample componentent, buildings are scalled wrongly. The UpdateBuildingScale method is called which halves, or doubles the building scale, but this seems to counteract the scale in real world size.
Is this intendend behaviour for the example script you provide? If so, there are multple ways to have the correct buidling scale when using RealTilesetSizeExample, can you recommend a particular one?

Thanks again for your help and this asset!


Re: RealTilesetSizeExample, buildings and OnChangeZoom


Thank you for reporting this.
This is a bug in buildings.
We fixed it, and in the next version it will work correctly.