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I prefer using the existing camera vs creating a new camera when working with uPano.  I've noticed only one pano can be in the scene at any given time, the remainder have to be prefab panos within the assets folder.  If you are to use the default setting for any given pano as "Create New" camera, the default setting orients the camera the same for any given instance of a pano.  When starting a scene, you can force the camera to look in a certain direction within the first pano included in the scene by setting the camera for the pano as "Existing".  For subsequent panos included in the asset folder, if you set the camera as "Existing" and drag the same camera into the appropriate field, the camera will orient itself properly upon clicking a hotspot and linking to the pano.  The alternative is to set subsequent panos to "Create New" for the camera setting, however the orientation of the camera isn't the same when transitioning between the initial pano in the scene to the instantiated prefab pano in the assets folder.

Here is my dilemma:  The existing camera maintains the correct orientation from the beginning and links to another pano, however the camera functionality is lost (the pano doesn't move at all when the mouse is dragged or the UI buttons are interacted with).  I could use the "Create New" camera option for the pano, but this holds a disadvantage because the orientation is not the same between panos when transitioning.  There is an additional disadvantage to the latter method: if the image in a given pano is not perfectly level, creating a new camera for the pano automatically reverts any changes you make to the  x,y, and z rotations to the pano itself to their default rotations.  I don't know what is involved in restoring functionality to the "Existing" camera option.  Please help.

Re: Existing Camera vs. Create New Camera


We have added the ability to switch between panoramas in same scene.
The new version is already available through the built-in update system.
Look at example scene №10.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Existing Camera vs. Create New Camera

This is exactly the information I needed!  Thank you very much Alex.