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First I want to congratulate and thank you for creating a great product.  I was able to link multiple panoramic photos along with adding hotspots to web and local url's.  Everything functions as expected except the Auto Rotate Button.  The Auto Rotate Button toggle switch only appears to work on the first Panoramic photo which I have included in the scene.  It doesn't work for the remaining four pano's which I have set as prefabs within a subfolder of my Assets folder.  I have the Auto Rotate script attached to each pano and the UI Buttons and Compass prefabs attached to the Canvas.  Not sure why the Auto Rotate Button only works for the first pano and not the others.  Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Re: Auto Rotate Button


This is a bug in uPano.
UI Button lost the reference to Auto Rotate.
Thank you for report.

The new version will be available through the built-in update system tomorrow.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Auto Rotate Button

Thank you for the update Alex.  The Auto Rotate Button functions as intended now.  I did run into an additional issue however.  Please see next topic within uPano Help.