Topic: Converting terrains from collada, 3dmax etc.


I would like to buy your asset but I am not sure what I get. I ma not sure if I need it at all because I have assets like Gaia, Relief Terrain pack, CTS, Vegetation Studio and I could create everything in Unity editor too.

I can sometimes find a good work outside of Unity and maybe that could be reason to buy your asset.

Let's see some examples and could you tell me what I get after conversion, what about models like trees rocks etc.?

1. … ngle-scene

Do I need your converter if there will obj formats available?

I wanted to show more examples but only one link is allowed.


Re: Converting terrains from collada, 3dmax etc.


If you do not know why you need a Mesh to Terrain, then you do not need it.

This is a technical asset that solves a specific problem:
You created your terrain in 3dmax (or another 3d editor), imported it as a mesh, and you need to convert it to terrain.

Mesh to Terrain does not convert grass, trees, rocks, etc.
Only heightmap and textures.

In addition, this asset has no usage outside Unity.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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