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Hey Infinity,

just bought your plugin and it works great.

I really would like to create baseboards to the terrain, like the script in this link does: … Baseboards

Unfortunately the script does not work with terrains where width and height are different. Two of the Basebords are too big.

But maybe there even better ways to do this? (maybe with depth mask shaders? Just roughly guessing, I'm quite new to Unity)

I think baseboards makes the scene much more appealing for this whole AR stuff, where the terrain should be projected on a table.

Thank you and keep up!

Re: Creating Baseboards


The script is attached.
This works for any number and size of terrains.
But only for terrains. For meshes this will not work.

P.S. The original script (by your link) does not work correctly because the calculation should be based on Heightmap Resolution. In addition, it does not generate UV correctly.

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Re: Creating Baseboards

Very cool! Thank you!