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Topic: 'OnlineMapsNGUITextureControl.allowTouchZoom' - NGUI 2D Map

While attempting to create a NGUI 2D map using the Map Wizard I got the following error:

Assets/Infinity Code/Online maps/Scripts/Controls/OnlineMapsNGUITextureControl.cs(26,29): error CS0115: `OnlineMapsNGUITextureControl.allowTouchZoom' is marked as an override but no suitable property found to override

Could this be an issue with the way I went about creating the map or setting up NGUI?

Re: 'OnlineMapsNGUITextureControl.allowTouchZoom' - NGUI 2D Map


This is a bug in Online Maps.
Thank you for reporting this.

The problem is fixed.
The new version (2.5.29) will be available within 24 hours via the built-in update system.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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