Topic: Extra options

I'm need a few options for components of Online Maps.
Online Maps Buildings - add collider component to building or not.
Online Maps - generate mips of tile texture or not, the same for Online Maps Cache.
Could you add these options?

And a bit improvement of dragging. With dragging of map raycasts not with terrain but with plane (plane.raycast) located at min y bounds of the map (to get smooth height-independent dragging, for now camera jumps if looks from side and perform a drag)

Re: Extra options


Added the ability to disable the generation of building colliders:
Online Maps Buildings / Generate Colliders - OFF (default ON).

Added the ability to generate mipmaps for tiles:
Online Maps Tileset Control / Materials & Shaders / Mipmap For Tiles - ON (default is OFF).

The new version (2.5.20) will be available through the built-in update system most likely at the end of this week or early next.
In Unity Asset Store, a new version will be available within three weeks.

To improve dragging, try using another Online Maps Tileset Control / Collider Type, such as Simple Mesh.